Ambassador Jills

What is an “Ambassador” Jill?

The minimum requirement for a Buffalo Jill is that you must be at least 18 years of age by auditions in March on our first audition date. See “audition info” on our website for details.

As part of our responsibility to our community and sponsors, public and game day appearances have become an increasingly important part of being a Buffalo Jill. Due to the numerous appearance requests, it has become necessary to assemble an elite squad strictly for appearances and event participation.

An Ambassador Jill is a non-performing Jill and is selected specifically for her outstanding ability to professionally mingle & converse with others. Ambassador Jills are expected to adhere the same physique requirements as the Dance squad. Approximately 8-10 girls are selected for this squad. Ambassador Jills are called upon frequently to participate in many community, charity, sponsor, media and corporate events. Ambassador Jills are required to attend and work ALL Buffalo Bills home games. Ambassador Jills are held to the same high standards as the Dance squad and are required to follow the same rules and regulations.

Ambassador Jills are required to attend meetings/practices that are held every Tuesday evening from the time of auditions and throughout the season. These meetings are mandatory.

Ambassador Jills are included the annual team photo and also receive the opportunity to be in the annual swimsuit/fashion calendar. Ambassador Jills also participate in local & international military visits. An Ambassador Jill is a Buffalo Jills Cheerleader in every sense with the only exception of dance performances. Additionally, Ambassador’s receive the same compensation & benefits as the Dancer Jills.

For additional information on becoming an Ambassador Jill, please contact Jills Director, Stephanie Mateczun.

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