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Buffalo Jill - Megan

Buffalo Jill - Megan

Birthday month & sign: April/Aries

Years on the Jills: This is my 2nd season with the Jills!

Degree/Major/Career: I have a Bachelor's degree in History, and am currently working toward my Master's in Social Studies Education.

Most Memorable Moment/ Greatest Achievement: Being voted "Rookie of the Year" by my beautiful teammates last season! I also cannot believe I started off as Jr. Jill as a little girl, and now have become a true Buffalo Jill. What a dream come true!

Words to describe yourself: Cheerful, fun-loving, caring, diligent, busy-bee

Hobbies: Zumba Fitness, tumbling, dancing, teaching & coaching, being active

Reasons I like Buffalo: Buffalo is home to the most die-heart fans. People from all over the area unite to root for each one of Buffalo's teams together. And we do this in all four seasons, even if it means cheering in the snow!

Goals for the future: Practical: To become a successful teacher and coach in the middle/high school I end up at, and the loving wife & mother to a beautiful family. General: To live life to the fullest, making a difference in the world and leading a happy and healthy existence.

Worst Fear: Not being a part of something meaningful.

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter...on everything.

Favorite Dessert:  Ice cream! It can never be too cold out for it, even in Buffalo!

Favorite Music Artist/Group: I have a new favorite every day, but it is usually a country singer.

Favorite Actor/Actress/Movie: Ryan Gosling/Blake Lively/Pitch Perfect

Favorite TV show: "Friends" will always make me laugh no matter how many times I watch each episode.

Favorite Animal: My shephard/husky mix named Polar!

Hanging on my refrigerator door are: Pictures of all of the important people in my life, whose faces I love to see each and every day :) and of course the Buffalo Bills schedule.

Favorite animated character: The little minions from "Despicable Me" are just too darn cute!

My ideal date: A date full of pleasant surprises; where my boyfriend has planned the day out with activities and places that he knows I would love.

Dream job: Hosting my own talk show along the lines of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." I would to interview the stars and travel the globe, all the while giving back to the world and making a difference.

Hidden talents: I can touch my tongue to my nose if that counts!

Best gift ever received: The words "I love you" said to me after returning from a Bills game 5 years ago.

3 items I’d need on a stranded island: Someone to keep me company, sunscreen, and a gigantic jar of peanut butter.


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