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Buffalo Jill - Taylor

Buffalo Jill - Taylor

Birthday month & sign: April/ Aries

Years on the Jills: Rookie year!!

Degree/Major/Career: I am currently majoring in both Dance and Business Marketing at the University at Buffalo

Most Memorable Moment/ Greatest Achievement: Becoming a dance teacher and of course becoming a Buffalo Jill; Both are truly the most rewarding experiences I could ever ask for!

Words to describe yourself: Outgoing, Motivated, Determined, Spontaneous

Hobbies: In my free time I love laying in the sun, spending time with family and friends, and traveling!

Reasons I like Buffalo: Buffalo residents are so proud of where they come from. Not originally from Buffalo, I felt right at home in the Buffalo community.

Goals for the future: Traveling the world!

Worst Fear: Any type of spider, big or small! I am beyond terrified!

Favorite Food: Steak and Potatoes

Favorite Dessert: Mint Ice Cream

Favorite Music Artist/Group: I could listen to music all day; but Beyonce will always be my favorite!

Favorite Actor/Actress/Movie: Will Ferrell/Mila Kunis/National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Favorite TV show: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Favorite Animal: Giraffes!

Hanging on my refrigerator door are: Inspirational Quotes

Favorite animated character: The Little Mermaid

My ideal date: A true gentleman with a great sense of humor, who can keep a conversation, and make all of the decisions for our date!

Dream job: To be a Rockette!

Hidden talents: I love to build things and I am extremely handy around the household!

Best gift ever received: Being an Aunt to my adorable niece; she just turned 5!

3 items I’d need on a stranded island: I would need water, music, and sunscreen!


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