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Birthday month & sign: March - Pisces

Years on the Jills: Rookie!

Degree/Major/Career: Bachelors in Nursing

Most Memorable Moment/ Greatest Achievement: My homecoming from Iraq to meet my 1 day old niece, meeting our President & of course finding out that I made the Buffalo Jills!

Words to describe yourself: Goofball, energetic, dedicated & loving.

Hobbies: Horseback riding, running, laughing with friends & family.

Reasons I like Buffalo: I love Buffalo because we truly are the "City of Good Neighbors". We have dedicated sports fans, amazing food & of course I love that our city smells like Cheerios!

Goals for the future: I want to be a Nurse Practitioner, travel & enjoy everyday as it comes.

Worst Fear: I am still afraid of the dark. Give me a flashlight and hold my hand please.

Favorite Food: pizza & Udon noodles

Favorite Dessert: Ice cream

Favorite Music Artist/Group: I listen to everything from country music to Journey, the Red Hot Chili Peppers & Matisyahu. I have too many Pandora stations!

Favorite Actor/Actress/Movie: John F. Daley is my favorite actor. My favorite movies are Anchorman & Step Brothers.

Favorite TV show: Homeland & Dexter keep me on the edge of my seat!

Favorite Animal: My puppy Dexter (he is named after the show)

Hanging on my refrigerator door are: The Bills schedules & I still have a magnetic alphabet :)

Favorite animated character: Puss in boots from Shrek

My ideal date: As long as we are laughing together we can do anything. I have always wanted to take a helicopter ride to dinner!

Dream job: Having a reality TV show with my family, we never have a dull moment. They are truly the funniest people I know.

Hidden talents: I have a marksman shot with a pistol.

Best gift ever received: My beautiful niece. I love watching her grow she is the best.

3 items I’d need on a stranded island: A good friend, a tent & tons of food (Catching fish is harder than it looks!)



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